• Majestic Tower

    Beirut Manara

    A unique residential project with a nice sea view in calm Residential district surrounded with gardens.

  • Beirut 700

    Beirut Manara

    A residential luxurious tower, overlooking Beirut lighthouse with a breathtaking sea view that captures your vision and free your mind.

  • California


    A residential building facing IC college, it blends prime location with breathtaking views and quality living space.

  • Hamra Garden

    Beirut Hamra

    A small haven in the heart of Hamra area, the central location which is convenient & practical to be near the top notch of universities, medical, business, cultural and commercial centers.

Founded some 35 years ago, Ammache Group has been a key player in the real estate business, with a flagship in almost every prestigious district in Beirut.

Perfection and excellence have served as pillar values to our business strategy, which remains to develop premium real estate projects, for our clientele.
At Ammache Group, we abide by the highest standards of quality in everything we endeavor; having a solid commitment to the delivery of distinguished spaces, in every detail. We settle for no less than impeccable results, and deal directly with our end users who expect from us a flawless job. Armed with a long and proven track record in the Lebanese market, we know exactly what our customers are aspiring for.

Putting our clients’ expectations and requirements at the heart of our business objectives, we work tirelessly on providing them with dream houses that enable them to experience a genuine lifestyle and benefit from classy modern amenities. On top of that, we work to optimize the use of our residential spaces to ensure our customers’ utmost satisfaction and comfort.

With a portfolio of topnotch projects, Ammache Group is committed to achieving the best return on investment for our stakeholders and clients; those who have largely contributed to our success. We are building on their continuous trust and confidence to move forward and achieve additional milestones.
- Rabih Ammache

Our vision is to keep on providing our customers with excellent services as well as high quality products

Our projects have the high international standards which is important for us to provide our clients not only with a luxurious house but also with safe real home

Our values since day one are quality, safety and credibility
  • Advertising for majestic Tower & Beirut 700
    Wed, 2012-08-01
    Advertising in Cedar wings Magazine. The in flight magazine of middle east airlines published in august 2012.

  • Majestic Tower
    Thu, 2011-12-01
    Ikarouna Ads briefing about ammachegroupe.com projects published in august 2012

  • Majestics tower
    Tue, 2009-03-03
    An ad in cedar wings magazine the in flight magazine of middle east airline published in 2012

Launching BEIRUT 700
Wed, 2012-08-29
AMMACHE GROUP has redefined luxury by launching on August 2012, a new residential tower in the heart of Ras Beirut area, with a breathtaking panoramic view of the Mediterranean sea. Beirut 700 is an exclusive master planned tower features different apartment sizes that vary from 325m2, 435m2 & 645m2, with clear height of 3.50 from floor to ceiling and where everyone can enjoy the gardens and the recreational facilities including 2 swimming pools and 2 gymnasiums, car parking, wash, storage rooms & driver rooms.
Launching BEIRUT 700
Wed, 2012-08-29
Our key strength lies in the people we employ: sharp, experienced and passionate developers and thinkers. Most of our team members have 6 + years of experience, higher university education and are all certified professionals.

We are currently looking for

  • Developer
  • Architect & Consultant
  • Control Office
  • Main Contractor
  • Mechanical Electrical Group Control
Lebanon- Beirut
Hamra Street
Saroulla building
7th floor

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